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Experiment, test and deploy AI Applications without code. Build chat, text, vision and image apps in a simple-to-use interface with Riku.AI

Riku.ai is an AI-powered customer service platform that helps businesses provide personalized customer service experiences. It uses natural language processing and machine learning to understand customer queries and provide accurate and timely responses. With Riku.ai, businesses can automate customer service tasks, reduce customer wait times, and improve customer satisfaction.

Riku.ai is easy to set up and use. It integrates with popular customer service tools like Zendesk, Salesforce, and Intercom, so businesses can quickly get up and running. It also offers a range of features, such as automated customer segmentation, sentiment analysis, and customer journey mapping.

Riku.ai is the perfect solution for businesses looking to provide a better customer service experience. With its AI-powered technology, businesses can quickly and easily provide personalized customer service experiences that will keep customers coming back.

Try Riku.ai today and see how it can help your business provide better customer service experiences.